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Russian Diamonds! An Affordable Alternative!

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Today’s most beautiful, sparkling and affordable diamonds are quite often produced in a laboratory in Russia, who has surged to the forefront of marketers of man made diamonds in the world. These quality stones never lose their stunning color, possessing a dazzling appearance that endures without dulling over time. This sought after feature, coupled with affordability have made these diamonds the top choice for creating quality gems that can be marketed to the buying public.

Some of the top sellers are perfectly shaped stud earrings, consisting of a dazzling Russian diamond on a gold classic base. Dressed up or down, this traditional diamond earring can be paired with jeans or an evening gown.

Another very popular use for the Russian diamond is in creating an enhancer ring that accents and surrounds an engagement ring or wedding band. These enhancer rings can be outfitted with various designs, shapes and sizes of the Russian diamond to showcase an engagement ring. Use of the Russian diamond allows for an affordable option for the prospective groom to splurge on one gemstone and attractively surround it with a beautiful, quality and classy foundation.

A beautiful twist bracelet is the perfect start for adornment with the Russian diamonds. These sparkly gemstones can be incorporated into the twisting, twirling shape of the bracelet, allowing for sparkling highlights at every movement of the wrist. Another bracelet option is the gold bangle bracelet that can be sprinkled with tiny Russian diamonds that appear to be blended right in with the gold base. These beautiful bracelets, when made with 10K gold and Russian diamonds are affordable as a gift for your new goddaughter or granddaughter.

Using a larger cut of the Russian diamond, in a beautiful pear cut or tear drop shape, placed into a very sturdy but simple pronged base creates a beautiful pendant. Dangled on a 14K gold, either white or yellow, to match the prongs, adds a classic, elegant for a business suit or a wedding gown.

Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend. With the creation of the Russian diamond, diamonds can now be your wallet’s best friend as well! Do your research, take your time, and search out a reputable jeweler that specializes in creating with Russian diamonds. With the Russian diamonds stunning quality and affordable price, you can wear beautiful diamond accented jewelry that rivals any starlet on a premier runway!

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