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Restaurant Marketing with Facebook

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One of the most important parts of restaurant web design is learning how to use social media in order to market the restaurant and start getting new faces into the restaurant. If you have a restaurant website designer who is unable to use Facebook as an effective marketing tool, you may need to try and find someone else to run your social media marketing. There are so many people using social networks, and especially Facebook right now, and the amount of new people that you can bring into your restaurant by adding a Facebook page is staggering.

Adjusting Your Facebook Settings

When you add friends to your restaurant’s Facebook account, you may not need to see everything that these people are doing. Although it is a good idea to make sure that you can keep up with these people, you don’t necessarily need to know the instant that they post a new picture on Facebook. You can adjust the type of information that shows up in your news feed in order to prevent all the unwanted posts from showing up while still seeing the way that people are talking about your restaurant.

Check Your Account’s Privacy

Although for your personal account you may not way to allow just anybody to see your information, when it comes to marketing a restaurant you want to make sure that anyone can get directions or contact information for your restaurant. The default privacy settings in Facebook may not allow this. You should make sure that you manually set the privacy settings in order to allow your restaurant’s Facebook account to have the most impact.

Incorporate Tools You Are Already Using

Many restaurants are already using social networking to help advertise their services. You may already have a Twitter account or be using Jaiku to help advertise your business. These tools can be integrated with Facebook in order to help coordinate your efforts. This can save you a great deal of work as you can prevent duplicate effort in trying to share the same information. There are Facebook apps available to integrate nearly every social networking tool into your Facebook account.

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