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Remodel Your Bathroom Cheaply

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One of the most fun ways to rearrange your bathroom or remodel your bathroom is to see what small things you can do to make the entire bathroom look better without having to spend an arm and a leg. For example, if you exchange your normal shower head with a shower head from ceiling, either through simply putting it on a shower arm or having someone install it so that it is hanging down from the ceiling itself, you can end up with a much more modern looking bathroom at a very low cost. There are also other things that you can do to make your bathroom look better without having to worry about too much when it comes to bathroom costs, such as having a shower head LED setup.

Changing the shower curtain is a huge one that is unfortunately, often overlooked. Often, if you really don’t like a bathroom and nothing is inherently wrong with it, such as the toilet actually works just fine, the shower is not broken and the sink is just old, you can replace visual things, such as the toilet seat, and then you’re done remodeling. Another frequent problem with bathrooms is the floor becoming groady, dirty, and problematic. By fixing that, you can make your entire bathroom look a lot better simply by changing the flooring. Sometimes, the problem is the walls around the shower. You can change those several ways.

The very cheap way is to use tile grout, tile waterproofing material and sand paper. Take the sand paper and use it to sand out the parts where the mold has become a problem or you have creepy orange goo everywhere. Then, if the grout is sanded down too far, replace it with new grout or a new layer of grout. Replace the sides with the waterproofing material, and you’ve got a bright and shiny looking bathroom again. Depending on your tiles, a very light sanding or scrubbing with steel wool may be in order as well to make the entire thing look literally like new. This is often far, far cheaper than getting the entire thing replaced.

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