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Relieving Eczema at Home

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One of the most common skin conditions in existence is eczema.  Roughly one in four persons may contract eczema.  Though scientists have not yet discovered a definite cause, it does appear to be associated with allergen hypersensitivity.  Traditionally, steroid lotions are used to relieve symptoms.  However, the effects of these steroid on small children is not known.  They may affect the ability of the child to have children of their own.  For this reason, parents might want to treat eczema at home.

Talking to your physician is always crucial. Because there is lots of misinformation around, you need to see what your physician states is best for you.  Also, there are several different types of eczema, each of which may require a different approach.  See these pictures of eczema on fingers for examples.

Subsequently, consider what symptoms you will need to reduce.  Oatmeal baths are often prescribed to control itching.  One may also relieve the itchiness with cold compresses. Parents with little kids will like to keep their fingernails cut back plus think about using gloves overnight to prevent a child from scratching a rash open.  You especially want to avoid scratching if any eczema blisters are present.

Another important factor is moisturizing the skin.  Moisturizing lotions and creams help keep skin from becoming cracked, and they also may help relieve the rash.  It’s important to only use a lotion that’s free of coloring, irritants, or scents.  Humidifiers can also assist, particularly in the winter.  They help add water to the air, which can moisturize the skin without any extra chemicals.

Finally, an elimination diet may help you identify what your allergens are, and do away with them.  Allergies to food along with chemical compounds may cause an eczema rash.  Speaking to your doctor first is always a good idea, especially if you plan on trying an elimination diet for a child.

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