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Real Estate 101: Finding a Perfect Kitchen

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The kitchen is the hub of any home. You spend time in the kitchen throughout the day, and you want that room of the house to be perfect. If you are looking for Santa Monica, CA, real estate, finding a home with a great kitchen is important for many buyers. If you don’t have money in your budget for extensive renovations, there are some things that will be an easy fix while others may be a deal breaker.

Ugly Paint: Easy Fix

Paint is always a relatively easy fix, even if you hire it out. There really isn’t a paint color that can’t be completely covered up with a good primer. It does take some time to paint an area, but one of the main advantages of painting is that you can put your personality into the room. It’s easier to paint before you move in, so seeing ugly paint isn’t always a bad thing. It forces you to paint before you move in. You’ll be happy you choose to paint before you hang up all the wall art.

Unsightly Cabinets: Deal Breaker

Cabinets are one of the most expensive aspects of a house. Unless you have $40,000 in your pocket for a complete renovation, if you hate the cabinets, you should probably pass on the house. Before you pass completely on the house, you should know that many people do paint their cabinets to give them new life. To paint your cabinets, you should know that it involves removing them from the wall and painting. If you love a huge do-it-yourself project, sanding down and painting cabinets might help you transform those ugly cabinets into something that you can enjoy.

Appliances Badly Placed: Deal Breaker

There are houses that are set up poorly. Who knows why some people choose to put their dishwasher as far from the sink as possible? Appliances are especially hard to move because the kitchen cabinets, plumbing, and electrical are all set up specifically for appliance placement. It takes considerable effort and cost to move a fridge or dishwasher to a different location. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on renovating your entire kitchen, pass on a kitchen that is set up poorly.

No Kitchen Island: Easy Fix

You may think that it would be very hard to put in an island in a kitchen, but it is actually quite easy. If the kitchen has enough space to add an extra cabinet, adding an island can be an inexpensive addition. You can buy a simple island from many stores, or you can have the island custom built to match the cabinets. Whatever you choose, it doesn’t require major renovation to put in an island. It adds counter space and can add equity to your home right off the bat.

If you are looking for Santa Monica, CA, real estate, one of the most important pieces of advice is to trust your instinct. If you can see yourself happily frying up some french toast in the kitchen, you may have found your dream house.

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