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PS4 Tablet is Coming Soon

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Sony company has revolutionized the world of video games since they launched the Playstation platform and now closer to launch the first PSP tablet. The PlayStation console has improved the gaming experience of millions of people since it break into the games market. People who found that using cartridges of difficult maintenance was not funny if compared with the games coming afterwards. Cartridge games were characterized by low quality graphics that offered a very limited fun to gamers. However, Playstation came up with innovative games on CD, quality graphics, and high quality animations, making possible that a person play their favorite Playstation games today on in a realistic manner and without performance constraints in the new PSP tablet.

For its advanced system features, gamers are looking forward for the PS4 release date, announced to happen next 2012. The PS4 tablet promises to be one of the most amazing gaming systems ever, boosting features never seen in any other gaming console before. At the moment, we only know that the new system will be able to reproduce movies in Blu Ray format and, of course, it has built-in support to play games published for any of the previous versions of Playstation. Naturally, the PS4 system performance and graphic quality will be improved significantly. All these exciting features, it is worth the waiting time until Sony announces the PS4 release date. With PSP tablet, Sony will enter a market where the only contender until now is the iPad, the popular tablet from Apple, a company that is not specialized in games. Therefore, all the players around the world are expeciting with emotion PS4 release date, a gaming system that guarantees a lot of titles available to play. Whether you have owned a PlayStation console before or PS4 tablet become your first gaming system, do not miss the chance to try this new gaming system when available.

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