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Pros and Cons of Sleeping on Jersey Sheets

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Made out of knitted cotton, jersey sheets are made just like a t-shirt. Sleeping on these sheets can be very comfortable, but they do come with their share of disadvantages as well. On the other hand, there are a number of advantages, too.

For one, jersey sheets are just as smooth and comfortable as a regular t-shirt. This is one reason why people enjoy sleeping on them so much. New jersey sheets feel comfortable and cool on the skin. In addition, they are warm and easy to wash and dry. And, they breathe so they don’t get clammy and stick to your skin.

While jersey sheets may bear a few resemblances to flannel sheets, there are actually some big differences as well. Jersey sheets are not as heavy as flannel making them more of a year round sheet which can be used in either hot or cold weather. Jersey also breathes better than flannel keeping you from getting overheated in the middle of the night. Many people prefer jersey material over silk or satin too because they are not as slick and you have a tendency not to slide around as much, especially if you are an active sleeper.

Jersey sheets are just as popular with adults as they are with children. They come in a wide array of colors and styles matching any décor and duvet or comforter. Children’s sheets can also come printed with cartoon characters, toys, numbers or even letters of the alphabet. If your child loves Spongebob or Barney, you will find great Barney and Spongebob bedding readily available in jersey fabric.

One of the major disadvantages includes the fact that jersey sheets usually wear out quickly. They also stretch and will eventually quit fitting the bed properly. While these sheets can absorb moisture, it also means that they retain body odors. As a result, they have to be washed more often which leads to them wearing out. The good news is that these sheets are relatively inexpensive so they are easy to replace.
Another disadvantage is that the more often they are washed; they begin to develop little balls of fiber. This piling can become uncomfortable as well as unattractive. Using fabric softer can help reduce this problem, but it won’t erase it completely.

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