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Positive Advantages of Tight Shorts

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Alright, what are the positive aspects of tight shorts? Now that has got to be a really stupid question; isn’t the answer to that obvious? Well not really. First of all do tight shorts look good on man? Sure if they are properly proportioned and functional, i.e. if they are cycle or gym shorts, otherwise men should stay away from them. The reason is that a man’s main area of attraction to the opposite sex is his chest area, to display strength and his ability as a provider, to show he can take care of children. So keep this in mind guys.

However, this does not mean that men are not big fans of shorts and tights and all those other hip hugging garments. These shorts will always look good on a woman and especially a woman who takes good care of herself and does the appropriate sacrifice in the gym. Girls, your hip area, properly proportioned and well taken care of is your best asset as far as sexual attraction is concerned. It displays a healthy child-bearing body that tells any male that is lucky enough to see you that you are a good investment. Thus shorts that hug those well toned hips which you have invested a great deal of gym time in are the best way to show off your best asset without getting arrested.

So you see, tight shorts especially if you are a girl are one of, if not the best way that one can invest in oneself seen from this point of view. Thus it would be wise to invest in a great deal of styles, shapes, colors and trends of said item. The variety and styles are also immense for such a simple item as well. From denim, spandex or leather, whether the styles are cycle shorts, hot pants or dolphin pants, if you’ve got it flaunt it. Use every asset you have, especially that cute behind to attract the best life partner prospects you can. Now, just to make something clear, this article is not saying relationships are solely based on sexual attraction, only that you’ve got to hook the fish before you can reel him in.

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