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Personalizing Cremation

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People are so obsessed about chasing money that they forgot how fleeting and how short our life is here on earth. Many people will only realize this when they are in their deathbeds or when they are in a cremation rites or attending a funeral service. It is sad to see people wasting away their life in worthless things while others are wasting away their lives in selfish gain. Other people have come to realize at earlier in their life how important it is to be able to connect and share their life to positive things or to other people.

As funerals became an old thing of the past…cremation is the new way of disposing a corpse. Many things have evolved and this does not exempt how people grieve. Years ago cremation may be viewed as unchristian, cannibalistic and even a taboo subject but because of financial struggle everyone is facing, people have come to open up their minds and accept cremation because of its affordable cremation costs. There are so many ways a bereaved person can personalized a cremation. It can start with choosing the right and perfect cremation urn for the deceased person. The ordinary brass cremation urns can be replaced with so many things that can represent the lifestyle, personality and attitude of the deceased person. Here are some examples of perfect cremation urns for each personality or individual:

  1. For people who have served the country as soldier or as policeman you can use an empty bullet or have someone make a replica of a bullet where you can place the ashes of the dead.
  2. For a child’s ash you can use a porcelain that is designed like a teddy bear or perhaps an urn that looks like a porcelain doll.
  3. For those who are into sports like basket or soccer, you can request to have an urn that would look like a basketball or a soccer ball.

There are so many things you can do to personalized a cremation urn, you just have to be imaginative and be open-minded to new things that come along the way.

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