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Palmdale Personal Injury Attorney on Injury Lawsuits with Multiple Parties and Government Entities

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In a personal injury case due to negligence, businesses, companies, and even large corporations are accountable if a breach of duty of care caused personal injury and other damages to someone. This negligence can be due to defective products. If the accident happens in a public property, a government entity can be a liable party. Though the U.S. Constitution provided that government entities are immune from liability, most US states waived their immunity through passage of local laws allowing the filing of injury claims against them. For example in the state of California, the California Tort Claims Act has provisions regarding specific requirements for personal injury cases and the filing of claims. These rules have to be followed or a victim can automatically lose his right to be given compensation from the government if there are hitches to his case. Because of the legal intricacies associated with the filing of a personal injury claim against the government, it is very wise move to get the assistance of a Palmdale personal injury attorney with extensive experience in government claim court cases.

Another type of responsible party in a personal injury case is termed multiple parties. Under California’s law of joint and several liability, when various parties are involved or at fault for someone’s injury, each party is responsible for the entire amount of the victim’s “economic” damages, and do not consider anymore the extent of guilt of each party. Economic damages include those medical expenses and lost wages. Alternatively, “noneconomic” damages are equitably distributed among the involved parties and liability is computed based on the degree of contribution to the injury. Noneconomic damages encompass the emotional aspect. Legal matters pertaining to contribution and shared responsibilities really need the expert guidance of a Palmdale injury lawyer who can shed light on complicated legal issues and concerns.

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