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P90X’s Three Routines

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P90X Workout Program has been known for its power to lose unwanted fats. This is the program lasts for 90 days working out. P90X has proven its effectiveness as it drives out the sweat in your body. Safe, effective and sure way to get rid of those fats and replacing it with abs and firmed muscles.

The P90X workout schedule has three different routines. You may chose which one you may want to start with. Classic, Lean and Doubles are names given to these routines.

Most people start their workout program through Classic. This combines the building of muscle as well as the burning of fat. No more than an hour and a half will be consumed in this. Yoga X is the longest workout you could find in this schedule. Classic is for people who want to build muscle first than losing fats.

Here is a sample schedule:

On the other hand, lean will let you focus more on “Cardio” than the “Resistance”. This will work on losing more fats first than focus on building up muscle. Cardio will help you burn more calories.

Here is a sample schedule:

As you can see, Cardio is added to your Monday schedule.  You may additional Cardio in order to maximize burning of your fat.

Doubles is considered the ultimate workout schedule. Approximately two hours and 20 minutes are needed for some days.

That is how extreme it is. Taking this program seriously will give you the body you are longing to have.

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