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Our Favorite Leather Luggage Makers

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Everyone needs a good set of luggage. Not many people have the budget or desire to buy a quality leather luggage set, but they would be missing out.  Leather luggage, in addition to being very luxurious, is very durable and can last for years.  There are not a ton of leather luggage manufacturers, but enough where you can be a bit choosy.  In this article, we look at a couple of our favorite leather luggage makers.

The first may be our favorite leather manufacturer hands down – Saddleback.  In addition to leather luggage, they have an array of leather holdalls, briefcases, satchels, and even wallets.  All of their products are very well reviewed because they are not mass produced and extremely high quality (our favorite full grain leather).  We would say their styles are geared more towards men – a bit more rustic or rugged.  All construction uses non-breakable parts as well.  Finally, their 100 year warranty is impossible to beat.

The other leather luggage maker we like is Hartmann, specifically their Belting Leather Collection.  Luggage in that collection is handmade and constructed from full grain leather, so quality is top notch.  Like the Saddlebacks, you will pay a hefty premium for this luggage.  That said, you get their Absolute Assurance Guarantee warranty, which covers repairs on pretty much everything (you only pay shipping as usual).  They also have a unique Global Recovery System, which helps trace any lost luggage (Hartmann will arrange to have the bag delivered if found).  Last but not least, their belting leather luggage is beautiful with a classic tan look.

While there are many more quality luggage makers, these are two of the better high end makers that we (and their customers!) like best.  Basically, you stand a much better chance of loving your purchase by buying from Saddleback or the Hartmann Belting Leather Collection.  Good luck.

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