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Options for Splitting Up a Room

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Do you have a room in your house that is used for more than one purpose? If you are like most people, the answer is yes. If you have a big home, you might find that some of the rooms are simply too large to devote to only one purpose. Likewise, if your room is too small you don’t have much choice other than to double up on the function of each room. In either case, a room divider could be just what you need to make a clear line between each space.

Try to cast aside outdated notions of Japanese style screens. While these are indeed beautiful pieces and still very much at home today, the modern divider has evolved into multiple variations that each have their own beauty and function and serve a great purpose in interior design. In addition to the many worthy options available in stores, you can also make your very own to have something you can be proud of.

Even if you’re not big on DIY, you might find that making a divider out of curtains is actually quite simple. If you’ve ever hung up a curtain in a shower, you already know how to do this. The fun part is choosing the type of drapery to use. A dark color will help keep unwanted light out whereas lighter tones can keep an open feel between the two rooms. The material that you choose can also make a difference. Heavier fabrics are great in cold rooms or as basement dividers while lighter fabrics take up less space and feel a lot less bulky.

If you want to buy something, the number of choices is absolutely dizzying. This is something it definitely pays to shop around for because each store will carry unique designs. It’s also possible to have something custom made if you have something specific in find that you can’t seem to find anywhere.

One popular option is the rolling shade. You only need to give up some space on you ceiling where the top of the shade is attached. These are highly coveted for their flexibility. You can use them when the need arises but you can just easily roll them back up and have them out of the way when you want the room to be more open. Photo room dividers are a great way to show off family photos while splitting up a room at the same time.

When you are looking to split up some area of your home, dividers are a great way to achieve this goal because of the sheer variety of options as well as the ability to make your very own unique piece.

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