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NVQ L3 CS (4543) Reflective Statement Unit 301 Outcome 2

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Outcome 2

2.1 Give examples of approaches different sectors may take to customer service

The private/commercial sector would aim to provide a service which is produced at a low cost to gain maximum profits. The voluntary/non-profit sector would aim to provide a service which is produced to cover the cost of their outgoings, whilst maintaining an acceptable standard. The public sector would aim to provide a service which is good value for money as this is mainly funded by the public purse.

2.2 Explain your organisation’s policies and procedures for the delivery of services or products and why it is important to follow them.

We stick by our organisations Mission statement, Schedule 9, Job specifications, Kitchen Standing Orders, Unit Standing Orders and Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. It is important to stick by these as if we deviate from these it could have severe implications such as breaking the law or even breaking the terms of the contract.

2.3 Give examples of the service offer of competitors of your organisation or explain how your organisations service offer is benchmarked if it is not in a competitive environment

My organisations service offer is benchmarked at offer a core meal at a rate set by the Defence Food Services Team. This meal also has to contain a set amount of calories and evenly balanced the guidelines for these are set out in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and also in JSP 456 Vol 4.

2.4 Give examples of the essential features and benefits of your organisations services or products that influences customer service delivery and satisfaction

One feature of my organisation’s services is that we deliver is price, i.e. A 3 course meal with beverages will cost you €1.84. You would be lucky if this would buy you a starter or just a beverage for this price at any other organisation. A benefit of our service is if a soldier does not have any money left to purchase a meal he can then fill out a hungry feeder form and the authority will pay for this so the soldier can receive a meal or meals which he will not have to pay for until he has been paid.

2.5 Describe how your organisation balances its needs with customer expectations and needs

My organisation balances its needs with customer expectations and needs by following the guidelines set out in JSP 456 Vol 4 and by following the SLA. These dictate what has to be provided for the Core Meals at a set price agreed for by the contractor and the authority. On a plus side for the contractor there are no restrictions on what they can charge for retail choices.

2.6 Explain the ethical and values base of your organisation’s approach to customer service

This is laid out within my organisations Mission Statement, Vision Statement and there Values statement. Also it is in their Corporate Values statement.

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