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Modern Outdoor Showers vs Outdoor Shower Enclosures

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It would be a stupid thing to drink vinegar or alcohol when you are experiencing hyperacidity. It would be similar to stepping in a sauna or steam room at the peak of your fever, or downing deep fried twinkies when you have diabetes and high blood. The same argument applies when using outdoor shower enclosures during the hot summer season. This article aims to dissuade you from buying shower enclosures for your outdoors and, conversely, purchase modern outdoor showers.

It is pointless to buy shower enclosures for your outdoors because such concept defeats the very purpose of outdoor showering. One must remember, when buying outdoor showers, that the dynamics of outdoor showers are vastly different from that of regular bathroom showers. With normal bathroom showers, the bather bathes with the purpose of thoroughly cleaning oneself. Outdoor showers, on the other hand, is for the purpose of cooling off or brief cleaning when coming out or plunging in your pool.

Given these and other consideration, outdoor shower enclosures are utterly unnecessary. There is nothing to protect from the sprinkling water from the outdoor shower head, nor is there privacy to be protected since a full bath is not meant from these outdoor showers. If anything else, enclosures trap the hot summer heat, making the bathing area very hot.

On the other hand, modern shower enclosures are very minimalist with regard to design, composed of only tubing, a few fixtures, and the all-important shower head. The thrust in most modern showers is that less is more. The value that people put in such shower styles is the fusion of functionality with aesthetic value.

Conclusion: Outdoor showers do not need cubicles because the dynamics of outdoor and bathroom showers are different. For your outdoor shower needs, choose modern outdoor showers. Enjoy your summer by cooling off.

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