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Lose Weight With Sacred Heart Diet

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Worried about having too much fats in the body? Well, being overweight can really be a pain in the neck especially if you want to look good in the eyes of many. Fortunately, a number of different kinds of diet plans has been developed by science to help people suffering from obesity to get rid of excessive fats in the body. Among the popular ones is the Sacred Heart Diet.

Sacred Heart Diet is a strict 7 day soup-based diet plan which aims to eliminate up to 17 pounds of excess fats in the body. The origin of the diet is unknown though some stories say that the diet originated from Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital and was thought to be used by obese patients to lose weight rapidly before undergoing any form of surgery. Anyhow, such stories remain to be unconfirmed by a number of different Sacred Heart hospitals in Canada and United States. Sacred Heart Diet has been also known by different other names like Spokane Heart Diet, Cleveland Clinic Diet, Miami Heart Institute Diet.

People under Sacred Heart diet plan are required to eat soup which will serve as the staple food for seven days straight. A typical Sacred Heart diet recipe includes chicken noodle soup mix, celery, green beans, green peppers, fat-free beef broth, green onions and stewed tomatoes. During the first day, the dieter may eat any kind of fruits except bananas. Only soup and fruits will be strictly taken. On the second day, however, fruits will be pulled out from the list and only vegetables should be consumed. The dieter will only be allowed to take in all kinds of fruits and vegetables he wants on the third day. During the fourth day, the dieter is required to eat at least three bananas and drink plenty of skim milk in addition to the soup. The soup will only be taken at least once on the fifth day and in addition to that, the dieter must make sure to consume up to 20 ounces of beef or broiled fish and up to 6 fresh tomatoes as well. During the second to the last day of the Sacred Heart diet plan, the soup will again be taken at least once on that day and the dieter is allowed to eat any vegetables and beef he wishes. And finally, on the last day of the diet, brown rice, unsweetened fruit juice vegetables and the soup will be eaten and then you’re all done. A significant lost of weight will be observed after the diet and it is recommended for you to resume on your regular healthy diet for few weeks before trying the Sacred Heart Diet again.

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