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Looking Elegant and Stylish with Thigh High Boots

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Mini skirts and hot pants look great with the right fashion accessories, but more importantly, it looks great with a fabulous pair of legs. But even if you have less than a flattering pair, you can still enjoy wearing them with a pair of thigh high boots. These boots allow women to wear sultry short dresses even in the wintry months, draped only with a short overcoat.

Thanks to fashion brands like Ralph Lauren, who particularly known for their Polo line, you have one great name in leather thigh high boots. The name alone is backed by high quality craftsmanship and styling that has put America in the same league as Italy is the world of fashion.

Whether flat-heeled or high-heeled, suede or leather, these thigh high Ralph Lauren boots have been a sensation in the catwalk. Sporty and aggressive, but still exuding suave sophistication and a hint of sensual mystique bordering on the dangerous, wearing thigh high boots has never looked more appropriate with short dresses.

Julia Roberts may have popularized the trend in “Pretty Women” but at that time, those thigh high leather boots were undeservedly associated with slutty women especially when wearing tight fitting or fishnet tops and really short shorts. But as the years went on, fashion had a way of making boots like these look very respectable. In fact, some has found its way to the office wear, believe it or not.

Keep in mind that leather thigh high boots are functional. While it looks very sensual, the boots protects your legs from the elements. But more than that, it is its versatility that is the clear winner. It allows women to wear short Audrey Hepburn styled Chanel dresses that highlight a slim and uncluttered look.

They key is not to wear shiny leather uppers that can make anyone look slutty. Soft suede or matte leathers are best and here, Ralph Lauren boots have become famous. When worn with matching elbow-length gloves and loose stylish tops, these thigh high boots look beautiful and classy.

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