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LG Refrigerator Repair You Can Do Yourself

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LG refrigerators are some of the most reliable and efficient refrigerators on the market. With their sleek style, quiet operation, and convenient features, these appliances are a cut above the rest. However, over time you’re likely to have at least a little trouble from your refrigerator. If you do, don’t worry. Many problems are minor, and you can probably fix them yourself. You just need a few spare parts, which you can easily find online or at the store you bought the appliance at. Sometimes, however, you’ll have to call a professional to help you with the repair.

One common problem with refrigerators of all brands is strange noises. Humming, vibrating, and rattling can all be very annoying, and these noises can be caused by several things. Broken or loose shelves, doors or drawers in the refrigerator can rattle and make noise. Replacing these or repositioning them might help. If you find that your fan is broken, you’ll need to replace it with a fan from the appropriate manufacturer (if your fridge is from Kitchenaid, you’ll need parts for Kitchenaid refrigerators).

Your refrigerator contains several lights, and each of these uses a light bulb. If your fridge is dark when you open the door, your bulb might just be burned out. Refrigerators usually have at least one light in the freezer, and at least one light in the fridge part. Replacing these bulbs can be a hassle (you’ll have to take out all your food, at the very least) but it can be done by anybody. Just make sure to get the correct size, shape, and voltage light for your model refrigerator. Replacement bulbs can be found at your local hardware store.

Over its lifetime you’re likely to have at least one problem with your LG appliance. Hopefully it will be easily solved with a little research and some parts for LG refrigerators. However, if you have a major problem, or you can’t even figure out what’s wrong with your fridge, don’t hesitate to contact a professional repair person.

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