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Let Your Child Do Their Own Potty Training

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Potty training can be done easily when the child is ready. Some children are ready at 2 years old and some are almost 4 years old. Do not let other people tell you when your child should go to the bathroom. There are many diaper punishment stories that parents share. This method does not work; it only prolongs changing from a diaper to underwear.

The best way to train your child is encouragement. Wait until the child starts telling you they are wet. This is a sign that they are noticing and want to be changed. Take them to the bathroom when you use it and show them what you do in the toilet. Some children become afraid of the hole in the toilet so you need to let them know it is a helpful place in the house.

The transition from a diaper to underwear can be done very easily if the child is ready. People share their diaper punishment stories all the time, and say they work, but who suffers? This should be a positive experience for a child, not one of gloom and doom.

When your child wants to be changed then ask them if they would like to go sit on the potty. Show them some nice panties that they get to wear if they stay dry. Give them a treat, when they use the bathroom, give them 1 m & M, or a favorite toy that only comes out to play when they go potty. Praise them and encourage them and show them how excited you are that they used the bathroom. Rewarding the young one can be good with items such as baby crib linen or footware (if relevant please check baby girl shoes size 3 – this is the most popular size!)

Potty training can be done in less than a week if the child is ready. Ask them, at first if they need to go, this will help them to think about it. When they do go make it a fun and happy time, so they will want to go again. Once they get used to using the toilet, they will start telling you. This will be another exciting accomplishment for your child, so make it a positive experience.

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