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LEGO Plo Kloon’s Jedi Starfighter

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World-renowned toy company LEGO has added another figure to its Star Wars toy collection, the Jedi Starfighter Plo Kloon. It is a smart move from one of the world’s leading toy makers to revive an old toy favorite based on a popular movie so modern kids along with their parents can enjoy them together. Assuredly, parents of today are not unfamiliar with the Star Wars movies and LEGO, which they probably played as children. LEGOs then were simpler but fun and they certainly kept kids entertained for hours. So strong was LEGO’s appeal that the colorful blocks became an instant global hit. LEGO is a contraction of the words “leg godt” which in Danish translates to “play well”.

LEGO’s Jedi Starfighter is packaged as a 175-piece building block toy set. Many parents would probably cringe at the word “piece” but unlike puzzles and games, the Jedi Starfighter toy set stay well together and remains fun to play with even with some few pieces missing. One of the center pieces of the toy set is the Jedi Master himself and a droid called R7-D4. The Jedi Starfighter measures about ten inches or twenty-six centimeters. The Starfighter also comes with an ejection seat at the cockpit which the Jedi master can use to avoid danger during battle with the Separatists. The android R7D4 also has a seat located at the front of the cockpit. Unlike the Jedi master’s seat, however, the android seat cannot eject.

The painted Jedi figure comes with his own light saber, which separates him from the bad guys. The Jedi Starfighter also stands out because of its detailed and lifelike depiction of a true Jedi starfighter from the popular Star Wars movies. And it even has its own landing gear. Children can easily follow the directions without help. Even kids who are not yet good in reading will immediately know what to do just by looking at the colorful pictures. The wings, however, can be a little difficult to build.

Parents will likely find many good reasons why they should give their kids the LEGO Plo Koons Jedi Starfighter along with other LEGO toys to play with. For one, the LEGO building blocks help stimulate imagination in kids so they become creative and similarly active. Finally, it keeps kids away from watching too much TV. Toys like LEGO are healthy games that allow kids to use their minds and imagination while stimulating in themselves the love for building things. LEGO’s movie-based figure toys like the Star Wars toy sets are imaginative tools for stimulating young minds. While at play, kids are motivated to create and finish their own toys. While doing so, they learn discipline, how to follow directions, and most importantly, they learn to have patience while building their very own LEGO Jedi Starfighter Plo Kloon.

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