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Learning About Engines of Go Carts For Sale

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One major component of go carts is the engine. Aside from the chassis that affects the speed and function of the cart, the engine also has a significant effect on the cart’s performance. You may have already bought a go cart and you’re deciding to get a new engine for any reason. Determining the kinds of engines would give you the idea on what engine of go carts for sale you’re going to buy.

Types of Engines

There are three major types of gocarts engines. They are the 2 stroke, 4 stroke and electric engines. Each differs from each other with its own advantages and disadvantages.

1. 2 Stroke Engine – The main companies that produce this engine are the Rotax, Yamaha, Titan, Vortex, TM, WTP, Comer, TKM and IAME. Compare to the two, this is the most powerful, having 8-90 hp, and is used for racing competitions. This is seldom used at home because fun carting doesn’t need much power with driving.
2. 4 Stroke Engine – This engine has a 5-20 hp. It is usually used in carting just for fun and also for racing. The manufacturers of this are the Kohler, Briggs and Stratton, Tecumseh, Rubin and Honda. The engine is just an average one with few changes from other engines.
3. Electric Engine – When compared to the two engines, the electric is the one which doesn’t produce any pollution, smoke and requires the least maintenance. Batteries are only charged and made of lead-acid. This engine is the one used for go carts running on indoors. Gokarts of this type are lighter. They are mainly for fun carting than for racing. Main producer is the Razor.

Before choosing among the engines of go carts for sale, you first need to determine the use of your go cart. For racing purposes, it’s best you get the 2 or 4 stroke engine. For family use of fun and recreation, then you really need to get an electric go cart because electric engine can’t be used on go carts run by fuel.

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