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LeapFrog’s Learn and Groover Musical – Baby Toys

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LeapFrog’s Learn and Groover Musical table is a great way to introduce your child to music, help their problem solving skills and with their memory also. There is counting from 1 to 10 in both English and Spanish, so you won’t ever get sick and tired of listening to the same old noise time and time again. The toy introduces shapes, and lets them practice their hand eye coordination by pulling, pushing, turning, opening and closing all the different gizmos on the table.

Over the course of this short review I would like to talk about my families experiences with this toy; both the negatives and the positives. I originally found this toy after looking down the best sellers list on I felt that there must be some good toys on there somewhere if they are selling so well.

While they play with the colored keyboard they can learn about colors, shapes and also practice motor skills. The manufacturer states that this toy is ideal for letting babies practice standing up. But while this is something that I think is very noble, it doesn’t actually seem to be the reality and the toy is very unstable. I have seen the whole thing come crashing down on top of my daughter more than once.

Also there is the issue with the legs not coming off once you have attached them to table. If you think that your child is not quite ready after you have attached the legs, you will find that it is too late and you will have to spend a lot of effort getting them off if you succeed at all.

Thanks terribly much for looking over this review of the LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table. I hope that you could take away plenty of useful information about this toy. For more reviews like this one please watch this space.

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