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Large And Small Water Dispensers For Every Need

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A survey that was conducted recently proves that elders who drink two full glasses of water ahead of their daily meals enjoy more success than those who ignore this routine. For elders who are on a low calorie and low fat diet, drinking water before meals provides a feeling of fullness which makes them more satisfied with their meals. A good way to remind yourself about drinking the water before meals is by having a mini water dispenser on your counter top.

Mini water dispensers look like little brothers of the standard water dispensers. The size is the main difference between the two. The quantity of water that a mini dispenser can carry is up to one gallon at a time. Like their big brothers, many of them have a bottle which is refillable and turns upside down. While some models only keep the water at room temperature, there are other options which provide hot or cold water.

Mini dispensers possess some noteworthy advantages. Firstly, they do not require as much space as standard dispensers owing to their compact size. Furthermore, you won’t have to lift jugs containing five gallons of water to refill a small dispenser. Secondly, they are less costly than other dispensers, and you can save even more by buying low cost water from your local grocery store. Lastly, you can easily keep track of how water you consume daily with mini water coolers. All you need to do is fill it up with the recommended amount of water you should drink daily.

The costs of mini dispensers depend hugely on the sophistication of the model. Crock dispensers which come with a stand cost under $30. The types which can cool or heat the water (hot water dispensers) are more expensive. Bigger dispensers which provide hot and cold water cost about $150.

Regardless of which type of water dispenser you choose, the cleaning directions given by the manufacturer must be strictly followed. One common mistake which many users make is that they refill the dispenser without cleaning it. This is especially common when using the dispenser on a desktop. If it is cleaned regularly, the water can get contaminated and cause the growth of mold at the bottom.

Whether you’re aim is to stay healthy or shed weight, one of the most beneficial things people can do for themselves is to ensure that 2 liters (8 glasses) of water is consumed every day. Having a mini water dispenser at home is great for staying in check with how much water you drink daily to make sure that your minimum requirement is met.

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