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Land Rovers: A Car Built for Adventure

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There are all sorts of cars for all sorts of people in the world. But there is a unique kind of vehicle that is meant for the truly adventurous. These cars cater specifically to a certain independence of spirit – to those who frequently choose the road less traveled. If you need a vehicle to match your adventurous spirit, then you should visit an auto dealer who can sell you a Land Rover in Portland.

The Evolution of the Land Rover

The British Land Rover has an ancestor of sorts in the early American Jeeps which were used in battle during World War II. All over Continental Europe and the British Isles, the horrors of war were literally ravaging the countryside and the city streets. Roads would be torn up from the treads of tanks or would be completely blocked by piles of rubble resulting from aerial bombings. Pathways and strategic locations in the countryside would be muddy messes which yielded no traction whatsoever, due to either damage from mortar shells or the constant trudging of the infantry. The Allied Powers needed a reliable vehicle which could deliver weapons, medical supplies, or personnel to the front lines, even if it had to traverse the most uncompromising of terrain. It needed to be lightweight enough to be fast, but heavy duty enough to carry supplies and maneuver in an agile fashion without tipping over. Such a car would require a light frame and knobby tires which could maintain its tread. Thus, the World War II Jeep was designed. However, the Jeep was not the end of the four-wheel drive utility vehicle, but rather the beginning. In 1947, Maurice Wilks used the chassis and axle from a Jeep left behind to build the very first Land Rover. The Land Rover was designed to be easily maintained and fixed and featured power takeoff, a revolutionary concept at the time which allocates power from the engine to different machines while the vehicle is inert. The Land Rover also featured a sturdier frame, a larger carriage, and a more powerful engine. In fact, the Land Rover has competed in and won many different speed competitions which are specifically tailored to four-wheel drive utility vehicles.

Keep Your Car in Top Shape

When you have a car as unique as a Land Rover, it can be tough to find a mechanic who you trust to keep it in top shape. Fortunately, when you work with a dealer who exclusively sells the Land Rover in Portland, you can also enlist the aid of specifically trained mechanics who can see to the needs of your unique vehicle. Of course, all the regular check-ups, tune-ups, and oil changes can be accomplished by these professionals. But, in addition, you can service your Land Rover’s exhaust system, transmission, computer, ignition and, of course, the engine itself. Working with a certified Land Rover dealer is your one-stop shop for a pleasurable driving experience with one of these powerful machines.If you’re looking for a car that can truly afford you adventure and independence, visit a Land Rover dealer today.

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