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Ingesting Too Much Can Lead To Fish Oil Side Effects

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In an effort to be healthier, many people are including items in their diets, which are not traditional products designed for consumption. Many of these products include herbals remedies and natural oils. While most natural items are perfectly safe for people to use, they can have side effects when taken in large quantities or on a prolonged basis. Fish oil has become a popular item for use in reducing triglycerides or blood pressure. This oil can be ingested naturally by eating certain species including salmon, mackerel and tuna. It can also be purchased in capsule form, which will usually have additional nutrients included such as vitamin E.

The fish oil side effects occur when too much is taken. The downside includes an increased risk of stroke. A stroke can occur in both men and women and is usually caused by an unknown clot in the arteries. When this oil is consumed in large quantities it can actually increase internal bleeding. This not only can cause clots to form, it can also cause nosebleeds. People who are taking this item to help treat some other disorder, who begin experiencing frequent nosebleeds or see blood in their urine should stop immediately and consult with their doctor.

In addition to the various oils ingested as beneficial aids for the body, people can use herbs as part of a body cleansing diet. These are also available in capsules and come in a lot of plant varieties. Some of these products are created specifically for use in cleansing the colon. The herbal mixtures bind with deposits of matter left on the intestinal walls to gently remove it from the system. Eating a foods with fiber and roughage is also a way to help remove these stubborn deposits so bacteria does not form within the intestinal tract.

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