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The early nineteenth century noticed contraceptives promoted to the poorer courses for the first time. Writers on contraception tended to choose different methods of birth control. Feminists of this time interval wished birth control to be solely within the palms of ladies, and disapproved of male-controlled methods such because the condom.[4]:129,152-three Other writers cited each the expense of condoms and their unreliability (they were often riddled with holes, and sometimes fell off or broke), however they discussed condoms as an excellent choice for some, and as a outcome of the solely contraceptive that additionally shielded from disease.[4]:88,ninety,a hundred twenty five,129-30

Many international locations handed laws impeding the manufacture and promotion of contraceptives.[4]:a hundred and forty four,163-four,168-71,193 Despite these restrictions, condoms had been promoted by touring lecturers and in newspaper advertisements, using euphemisms in locations the place such ads have been illegal.[4]:127,130-2,138,146-7 Instructions on find out how to make condoms at dwelling were distributed within the United States and Europe.[4]:126,136 Regardless of social and legal opposition, on the finish of the nineteenth century the condom was the Western world’s most popular contraception method.[4]:173-four

Starting within the second half of the nineteenth century, American charges of sexually transmitted illnesses skyrocketed. Causes cited by historians embody results of the American Civil Struggle, and the ignorance of prevention methods promoted by the Comstock laws.[4]:137-8,159 To struggle the growing epidemic, intercourse schooling lessons have been launched to public colleges for the first time, teaching about venereal diseases and how they have been transmitted. They typically taught that abstinence was the one strategy to keep away from sexually transmitted diseases.[4]:179-eighty Condoms weren’t promoted for disease prevention because the medical neighborhood and moral watchdogs thought-about STDs to be punishment for sexual misbehavior. The stigma in opposition to victims of these illnesses was so great that many hospitals refused to treat people who had syphilis.[4]:176

The German military was the first to promote condom use among its troopers, beginning in the later 19th century.[4]:169,181 Early 20th century experiments by the American military concluded that offering condoms to troopers considerably lowered rates of sexually transmitted diseases.[4]:one hundred eighty-3 Throughout World War I, the United States and (at the start of the battle only) Britain have been the only nations with troopers in Europe who didn’t present condoms and promote their use.[4]:187-90

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