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Ice Therapy for Tennis Elbow

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Okay, at times wherein you strain or pull a muscle, what usually pops into your mind? Well, besides that obvious ‘ouch’ of course, which can make you grumble and crumple in extreme pain! It is very much necessary that you have an idea when it comes to the correct way of preventing further injury, so as to allow the damaged muscle to heal properly. You see, whenever your muscle gets strained or torn, it will almost instantly begin to swell up and get inflamed. You will need to control or manage the swelling and by far, the best and fastest way to be able to do so is with the application of ice!

Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis, as it is known in the world of medicine, is an extremely common arm injury which is characterized by two main symptoms; pain and swelling. Ice therapy or simply put, applying ice along the injured area, is a simple, but highly efficient way to deal with the symptoms of tennis elbow and eventually cure it. Here are some nifty icing tips for tennis elbow. Read on!

1.) Directly apply the ice pack onto the lateral (outside) part of your elbow joint. You will need to leave the ice on the swollen area for about fifteen to twenty minutes every hour for the first couple of hours. If in case you do not own an ice pack, then you can make use of a bag of frozen peas or you can take a clean plastic bag and then fill it with some ice cubes. You should go and cover your elbow with a wash cloth or towel first before you apply your makeshift ice pack. Remember to never directly apply the ice onto your uncovered skin as this might cause skin irritation.

2.) Minimize the duration as well as the frequency of ice application for about ten to fifteen minutes every three to four hours on the following day after the day of injury.

3.) Make it a point also that you raise or elevate your elbow at about heart level to help further bring down the inflammation. The simplest way to achieve this is to prop up your afflicted arm using a pillow. This should be done as much as possible since this is also a great way to reduce that sharp stabbing pain.

4.) Whenever you remove the ice pack, make sure to wipe the outer part of your elbow clean and dry.

5.) Icing the injured elbow should be continued every single day up until the initial inflammation has been reduced.

After the third day and the pain as well as the swelling have not considerably decreased, then it is highly advised that you consult your family doctor immediately. The tear or damage incurred by your tendons and muscles might be more severe than what you initially thought or there is also this chance that what you have is a more grave injury like perhaps a busted bone. Then again, ice therapy is still the easiest and most effective way to reduce muscle strain and swelling.

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