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How to Remove Super Glue from Fingers

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CRASH! A sound of breaking china reaches your ears. You look around and see your mother’s old saucer broken into pieces. But there’s no need to cry. There’s always super glue to save the day. A broken family heirloom it may seem, but with super glue, it will look like nothing happened. So you get excited in fixing the old saucer and sticking the pieces back together, so excited that you didn’t just glue the china pieces but also your fingers.

There are some things you would want to glue together but your fingers are not one of them. So how to remove super glue from fingers? It’s easy. Just pull your fingers apart. Oh wait. That would hurt, wouldn’t it? So, how to remove super glue from fingers in a non-painful way? Still, it’s easy. But it would take up some time. It won’t be as quick as pulling them apart. Yet, it would be without pain.

Well there are two ways to remove super glue. There’s a slow way and there’s a little quicker way. If you have all the time in the world to remove super glue from your fingers, then you can just soak your fingers in warm water mixed with soap. Rub the fingers together then they’re bound to come off. You would need to repeat this process a couple of times or more to remove any remaining glue stuck on your skin. You can try to pull off the glue but do it slowly or you might rip your skin.

How to remove super glue from fingers in a safe but quick way? Well, it would be to use some acetone. If you don’t have any acetone, you could simply use a nail polish remover since nail polish removers contain acetone. Use a Q-tip or a swab of cotton to apply the acetone or the nail polish remover on the glued skin. The acetone will dissolve the glue without hurting your fingers. But be careful in applying acetone as it could be damaging to some types of materials. Pure acetone can also make your skin feel dry. So after applying the acetone, wash your hands with soap and water.

Super glue doesn’t seem so super after all. But then again, superheroes have their weaknesses as well. And the super glue’s weakness just happened to be acetone and soapy warm water.

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