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How to Download a Garmin Nuvi 250w Map Update for Free

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Garmin Nuvi 250w

Owners of Garmin Nuvi 250w GPS sat navs will be familiar with the notification screen that appears after you have used your GPS for 12 months that helpfully informs you that your maps are out of date and that they can be updated new on the Garmin website.  If you are struggling to update your Garmin Nuvi 250w GPS then follow our quick and easy guide below which also contains details on how you can even get a free Garmin map update.

Firstly you will need to visit the official Garmin website.  By navigating through the top menu you should see a section entitled “Mapping” and by clicking on that you will be presented with the options available for users needing a Garmin Nuvi 250w update.  The “Update Maps” facility then shows you three different options as follows:

nuMaps Guarantee – Free Garmin Maps

The first option available if you want to update your Garmin Nuvi 250w with new mapping information probably won’t be available for you as it is designed for new customers that have owned their sat nav for less than three months.  If that is you, then click on the this option, enter your serial number, and connect via USB.  The Garmin map install process is pretty slick after this point and you should have a new map within 20 minutes.  This is historically referred to as the “Garmin GPS free maps download” before the advent of the nuMaps program.

nuMaps Onetime – Refresh Your Maps Once

The onetime option lets you pay for a one off map update for usually less than a fifty dollar charge, which is very cheap considering the usage you will get out of it.  This is the most likely Garmin Nuvi 205w update that you will be allowed to download, and means you can the latest data including any new roads, streets, junctions, towns, and points of interest.

nuMaps Lifetime – Maps for the Life of Your Nuvi

The lifetime offer is a little bit more expensive; however, it means you can download new Garmin maps four times a year each time that Garmin release a new map update of the City Navigator software.  Please note that this is applicable for the life of the GPS sat nav, and not you as a customer which is a common misconception.

Downloading new GPS maps for your Garmin is essential if you are to drive with confidence whilst reducing the chances of ever getting lost.  New Garmin maps are cheap, affordable, and sometimes even free.

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