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How to Choose Knobs and Handles for Your Linen Cabinet

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Bathroom linen cabinets are placed in the bathroom for storage and decorative purposes. After some years they will get old and worn out.  After years it will be time to update the look of you linen cabinets. There are various ways of updating the look of old linen cabinets. Most people change the paint on their cabinets. One other way is to change cabinet knobs and handles.

When choosing knobs and handles, it is important to consider the finish of your cabinet. The best look for the bathroom is one that matches or complements the hardware and fixtures. You also need to consider the style or the existing theme of the room. If you have modern furniture in the bathroom, go for metal finishes. Wooden knobs and ceramics look great with a country style bathroom. If you have a whimsical décor in the bathroom, you can go for painted knobs and handles in various shapes.

You also have to take note where your linen cabinet is located. In small or tight spaces, protruding knobs may cause accidents and injuries, so before you think about buying that overly large knob, think again. Look for smaller, yet stylish knobs if you have a tight space in the bathroom.

Remember that water and humidity are some of the major enemies in bathrooms. You have to select knobs which will be able to withstand those elements. Choose knobs and handles with durable finishes which will not easily tarnish and lose their beauty.

You can find knobs and handles in local furniture stores; you can also try looking from online stores on the Internet. Special knobs will cost more but they will look fantastic on your cabinet. Canvass prices first before deciding on anything. You might just get a good deal. Just think how good your cabinet will look with them.

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