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How to Burn Fat Fast with Cardio Workouts

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Burning fat and turn that scale dial closer to 120 than 300 pounds: this is the main reason why most people do cardio. Sure enough, effective cardio workouts improve our overall health but some people are specifically focused to just loosing the extra baggage. It seems that their sole motivation is either flat abs or “unflappy” arms and thighs. So they start running. Everyday.

Then they discover that after months of daily running, nothing has changed. They still weigh the same or have lost only 3 lbs after such a long wait which will make them feel frustrated and so, they stop. It is obvious that most people do cardio not just for the love of doing cardio. They do it burn fat, so why not make it the most effective?

Traditional long, steady, aerobic workouts have been advertised as the best method to reduce fat, as using up of fatty acid takes place after at least 20-30 minutes of training. High intensity interval training programs are somewhat in argument with this matter, but have been shown in studies to burn fat more effectively. Interval training is also useful for those into sports because of the start-and-stop, stop-and go movement with periodic of “quick- starts” followed by very gradual jogging or walking as “rest”. It is not suggested in this article that doing long aerobic workouts will do you no good.

In fact, to get into shape, it is generally accepted that we need aerobic training. The best cardio to burn fat is the one which lets your body burn in a particular way the nutrients that it needs to burn for energy during strenuous exercises. The way the body accesses these nutrients to use up for energy will never change. It will just be the way it is forever. So, the thing that the body takes a hold of first is muscle glycogen (for muscle contraction). Then liver glycogen. Next is blood borne amino acids. And then lastly, fat: the one you’re dying to get rid of but is the most stubborn of the four.

As mentioned earlier, depending on training time and latest carb ingestion, it takes between 20-30 minutes to reach that fat- burning level. Do resistance training for just 30 minutes after warm-up and use up the first three nutrients. Now you are ready for item number four- fat The last but definitely the most important since you’re working out just to burn it. Fat can be accessed by starting your chosen cardio training method. This time you only have to it for 15-20 minutes. You should be able to choose a cardio that will work for best for you and one which you actually enjoy. You can try running, cycling, jumping ropes, etc. You will be shocked with the fast results and so decide to train harder.

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