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How To Be Prepared For Bad Weather

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Spring is here and you know what that means, for most parts of the world it means bad weather. When bad weather strikes there is a guarantee that somewhere in the world power will be out, even in the United States. We suffer from tornadoes, high winds, and flooding quite frequently during the spring and if you want to be prepared then a diesel generator is a must have.

Having a generator is the only way to have your lights back on when your main power line has been cut. You would think everyone would have a diesel generator because at some time or another your power will go out, but many people do not. They think they will not use the generator enough to suffice for buying it because they are under the impression that generators are all expensive when that is not true.

Generators that run your whole house as a normal functioning unit are more expensive than the ones that will just keep your lights on but that is expected. Diesel generators can range in price from a few hundred dollars to many thousands and that is dependent on strength and brand. Typically if you are going to purchase a generator you want one that will keep the lights on as well as run your fridge so your food does not go bad if the power stays out to long.

There are three different generators that you can purchase and each one has different benefits depending on where you live and what you wish to get out of your generator. Propane generators run on the fuel propane which has the longest shelf life of the three fuels that can be used in certain generators. Diesel and gasoline have a shelf life of about six months, also propane is the best fuel to use if you are trying to be Eco friendly it releases fewer toxins than the other two.

Diesel is the best fuel to use if you want to get the most bang for your buck because it is three times as potent as propane. Meaning that it takes three times as much propane fuel to produce the same amount of power output as an amount of diesel. Diesel generators tend to do better in warmer weather, if you have one in colder weather it will need more repairs than its counterparts. Gasoline generators sit right in the middle and are the most common generators.

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