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How Faux Wood Blinds Are Different From Real Wood

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Faux wood blinds are something that has obviously been taking the design world by storm for so many years now. That is actually with good reason. Take a look at this; you get to have the class and that expensive ambiance that wood blinds are able to give out to you without having to pay the price for it. It’s the perfect solution to any of your window treatment problems. More so, it is the perfect solution for you if you are hard at work trying to revive a certain room and cannot seem to come up with any ways of how to jazz up the look.

It is also great if you are new to the challenge of designing any room in your office or in your home and you simply do not know where or how to start. Faux wood blinds are great because they have so many similarities with the actual or real thing that truth be told, if an untrained eye checks them out as they are placed side by side, it is quite difficult to spot which is which and it is also practically impossible to place a finger on the main differences between them.

However, as the case with faux wood blinds always is with all things identical; there will always be differences. The main difference between faux wood blinds and the actual wood blinds is the weight. Wood blinds are lighter because the individual slats are able to hold their shape without a lot of ladder to support them to stay up. That is not the case with faux wood blinds because the main synthetic material being used is usually vinyl and it is very flimsy. You would need more ladders to support them and that is why they usually end up being heavier.

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