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How Efficient Are Propane Water Heaters?

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For households that want to cut down on cost of their water heating system bills, propane water heater units will be the better option to go for. This kind of heating system is efficient than electric-powered heaters in several criteria, including convenience, ease of use, cost effectiveness, environmental friendliness and hot water availability.

With electricity cost getting more expensive, heating water with the use of propane is a more practical choice. It is reported that approximately one fifth of an average household’s annual energy cost is from its hot water consumption. Plumbing items like baths, showers, bath tubs and dishwashers are expensive on their own, but their operation can save money by using propane.

Basically, there are two types of water heaters: the storage tank and the tankless heater. A heater with a storage tank can hold 50 gallons of water and must keep its content heated at all times. On the contrary, a tankless heater works like an air conditioner that only heats water when needed. A tank propane water heater can fill up and heat water half the time an electric model does, and it can does this at one third less cost. That said, with tankless models, energy consumption will be lesser by 60 percent.
Additionally, a water heater powered by propane is friendlier to the environment compared to an electric-powered heater. If more households will use this heater, power plants producing electricity will be able to lower their capacity to meet consumer demands. With plants using coal, fewer carbon dioxide will be emitted into the atmosphere, making a happier planet.

Households can reduce their energy consumption in several ways. First, they should heat water only as needed. Also, they can insulate their water heater as well as the hot water pipes so that there will be lesser stand-by heat loss. Water heaters should be set to a low temperature of about 140 degrees Fahrenheit in order to have more savings.

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