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How does Meditation Help to Cure Anxiety Disorders?

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Over years, we have come to understand great many health benefits meditation offers, both mental and physical. With regular practice, one can let go of negative thoughts and emotions and attain true peace. Variety of mental disorders like anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and traumas can be cured with meditation.

It is said that most of the diseases are mind originated. Mind and body are connected too closely to separate them. Our current physical health is largely determined by our mental state. Stress is the root of all mental disorders.

We live a lifestyle that inevitably leads to stress and tension. Stress is nothing but brain’s natural response to challenges and threat. When mind gets stimulated with stress without any release, it piles up in the mind. Accumulated stress result into negative emotions and other higher mental disorders.

Meditation offers us a hope to cope up with stress and protect ourselves from its trap forever. Meditation means different things to different people. But at core meditation is all about being aware of the own self. Different practice of meditation like mindfulness meditation, Zen meditation, chakra meditation; aim at increasing awareness.

Being aware of something means observing an object without judgment.  The object of awareness can be anything; thoughts, emotions, body sensations, outside objects etc. When mind is aware of a thought without being attached to it or being judgmental about it; mind has a power to let it go of that thought and release it from the consciousness.

Meditation is considered one the most effective natural cures for anxiety disorders. Anxiety is a extreme form of stress where mind anticipates threat out of apparently normal and harmless situations. It is a distorted condition of mind that has its roots of fear in memories of negative experiences. By practicing awareness meditation, one can get rid of the thoughts that trigger anxious response and attain natural anxiety relief.

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