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How Braces can Prevent Cavities with Overlapping Teeth

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Overlapping teeth is a problem with the proper alignment of teeth in the mouth. It occurs when teeth grow into the wrong place and end up covering up other teeth. An overlapping tooth problem is usually caused by overcrowding because the person has too small a mouth to support all of the teeth naturally. For this reason the teeth end up growing in where they can fit which normally means that they are covering up existing teeth. Not only is this particular situation unattractive cosmetically, but it can also cause many problems for the person suffering from the condition.

When the teeth overlap they can cause problems such as speech impediments, distorted smiles, peculiar eating habits, and cavities. Overlapping teeth are likely to cause cavities because they are very difficult to clean. In some cases one tooth may grow directly in front of another tooth making proper cleaning of the back of the front tooth and the front of the rear tooth almost impossible. The end result is sometimes cavities in two teeth instead of one. Small cavities can be closed up with fillings. Larger cavities may require an entire root canal procedure. That is why it is very important to try to get care for overlapping teeth. Braces can help. Braces are a metal snap on smile dental appliance that helps to solve dental imperfections. An orthodontist can usually be reached to find out how much do braces cost with insurance.

The braces can help the issue of overlapping teeth by pulling the teeth into proper alignment. Usually because of crowding some of the teeth may have to be removed to make adequate space for the rest. After this braces can be put in place to force movement of the ill placed teeth back into their normal rightful positions.

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