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Honest Forex Trading System Review

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Automated FX trading has become the rage over the past couple of years. There are a lot of systems that claim to be the Holy Grail of trading, and this could be one of them. Here is a review of Fibonacci Killer by Michael Lenee, which will explain exactly what it is and how it works. Read on and decide for yourself.

This trading program is based on the Fibonacci sequence, a popular method use by many traders in determining their entry and exit decisions on a trade. However, Michael’s system is not just a rehash of a simple indicator. He built a complete system, designed by a trader for anyone that wants to trade.

This system is extremely versatile. It can be applied to stocks, bonds and Forex. We are not talking just one particular stock or currency/pair; we are talking the entire market. Therefore, that provides a trader with many opportunities to participate in trades.

Risk management is extremely important in any trading program, and this system takes it seriously. The trades are designed to offer minimum risk with maximum reward. Structuring trades like this goes a long way to increase the likelihood of long-term success.

That is another thing that makes this program stand out. It has been consistently and highly profitable for years. It certainly inspires confidence knowing that the program has continued to work through all kinds of markets, up, down and sideways.

The ability to recognize different types of markets is what makes this program so profitable. It is very good at recognizing whether the market is trending or range bound. Then it sets up the trades according to that situation.

Reviewing the system, it is apparent that they have gone to great lengths to make it simple enough for anyone to use. Not only do you get precise entry points, but you get the exit points as well. That precision is critical to ensuring that the trade you enter actually produces a profit. This is definitely a well thought out trading system that covers all the bases.

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