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Hartmann Luggage Repair for a Lifetime Use

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Hartmann is a popular brand preferred by many travelers, affluent and even common people who put durability and convenience as their topmost concern when going for an important travel. Luggages made by this company are guaranteed to last for years because of the type of materials used. However, there are circumstances wherein you cannot help having some defects on your luggage due to pressures caused by frequent handling. Accidents do happen and a luggage from Hartmann is not an exception to that, no matter how tough it is.

A Hartmann luggage can offer you not just style, but ease, security and sturdiness as well. It has been in the industry for several decades. Now, it is still continuously providing solutions for every travel needs. A part of their responsibility is to provide repair services when there are defects found in a luggage. It is the company’s goal to make every piece to last for a lifetime. The company is giving you two options for luggages that need to be repaired:

1.    Send the luggage directly to Hartmann’s Repair Department
A repair can be done by sending the luggage directly to the main office and that is located at Hartmann drive, Lebanon, TN 37087. All you need to do is fill out the repair request form with your email address and telephone numbers, if you wish to expedite the process. Send it via UPS or FedEx. Upon receiving the authorization stating that you permit the company to start doing the repair, it would generally take 4-6 weeks for a work to complete.

2.    Request a repair from any authorized repair centers
In-store facilities for repair are also available in various repair centers authorized by Hartmann. Check if there is a repair center available in area near yours. Please bear in mind that these dealers are independent of Hartmann. Therefore, charges for services rendered will vary.

Hartmann luggages come with pricey tags that other people cannot afford to buy. The best suggestion would be- do the purchase during a luggage sale. It is known to be the luggage with prestige, but this does not make it an exception to any defects. The quality of the product is excellent. However, it is the way in which the luggage is handled that brings damages on it. No need to worry since the Hartmann Company guarantees you with a quality work when doing repairs. You can choose between the two options given, when your Hartmann luggage is need of a repair. Select whichever is convenient on your part and expect desirable results after the repair has been done.

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