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Hallmarks of Luxury Bedding

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Luxury bedding can be quite expensive. However, it’s possible to get the look for less. It’s just a matter of knowing how to shop and what you should be looking for.

One thing that you really want to pay attention to when looking for luxury bedding is going to be the edging. Often times Tuscan style bedding uses very opulent fabrics that mimic tapestry or chenille. It’s very plush and soft to the touch and just a comforter can cost you hundreds of dollars. They usually have a rope edging to it. It can have a very gold tone to it which can really be very opulent feeling but you also need to make sure that matches a lot of the metallics that you already have in the space. This may mean just investing and one very rich comforter then going with less expensive throw pillows and sheet sets.

You can also really pay attention to the type of fabric when you go shopping for luxury bedding. In this case right now we are seeing a lot of polyester, but it’s a high shine polyester so it really mimics the softer satin. This is something that we also see a lot of on the least expensive bedding sets. However, the more expensive bedding sets might even be dryclean only because of all the finishing on it. In this case, you might just go for an all over pattern such as a damask print if it has stripes of different patterns. This is something that’s very traditional and it can be cheap and cheesy. You can really for a new look by using the same material that really upgrading style.

Embellishments are also really important when you shop for luxury bedding so it will match a drop leaf table or metal wall art. This might not be able to be dryclean. Right now we are seeing everything from lace to sequined details on bedding and while it might not be the most practical it certainly does look great.

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