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Growing a Grass Pet

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There are many opportunities to teach a child to appreciate nature when you live in a small town. One of the activities that you may want to do is grow a grass pet.

In a small town, there are many opportunities to teach children how to appreciate nature. Most small cities are located near a forests, trails, and mountains where you can take your children hiking and exploring.

One of the other activities that you may want to do to teach your children to love nature is grow a grass pet. Grass pets are a lot of fun to make and children will be able to learn how to seeds are planted an grow.

While grass pet kits are somewhat expensive, the investment may be worth it. Not only will you be able to teach your child how important growing things are, but you will be able to strengthen your relationship with your children as well.

However, you can still grow a grass pet even if you do not want to make the investment in a kit. Making a homemade grass pet can be quite cheap, but as you often will have to purchase the necessary supplies in bulk, your children may get to create an army of grass creatures.

As your children select the kind of grass animal that they want to grow, encourage them to be creative. They can choose from the typical pets of dogs, cats, and birds or they can expand their imagination out into a dragon, cow, or unicorn.

The things that you will need to make homemade grass pets include clear plastic cups that are disposable, potting soil, blank sticker paper, markers, scissors, fast growing grass seeds, and water. While you can use normal grass seeds, you may not have a very high success rate in getting them to grow in comparison to the fast growing seeds because children tend to lose interest over a long period of time.

Your children will begin to forget to water their grass pets and their grass pets may never grow hair. Fast growing seeds are preferable because the pets will probably start growing hair while your children still have interest.

In addition, the ‘hair’ will re-ignite the enthusiasm that your children had for the project as they will soon be able to give their pet a haircut. The faster the grass grows, the more often your child will be able to give their pet a haircut.

The best place to get fast growing seeds is at a local garden center, where you can purchase the seed in bulk. Ryegrass, Chia, and Alfalfa seeds tend to be the best fast growing seeds for this kind of project.

Many of the other items you will probably be able to find around your house. After you have gathered together all of the supplies that you will need to complete the project, make sure that you have a clear space to work.

Even though you may be able to complete the task in a small area without making a tremendous mess, children tend to spread dirt everywhere. You may want to consider putting together your grass pets at a local park or another outdoor location.

However, if you put them together indoors, you will want to make sure that you are willing to clean up the mess. When you are ready to begin putting together the pets, you will want to fill the plastic cup with dirt.

The dirt should stop about and inch from the rim of the cup, or a little less if the cup is really small. After you have filled the cup with dirt, you will want to plant the grass seeds.

During this time, explain to your children how seeds work and how they grow. To plant the seeds, you will simply need to spread a thin layer over the top of the dirt.

Then, encourage your children to use a marker to draw a face on the cup. The face should resemble the animal that they want their grass pet to be eventually.

This is the part where creativity can be used in abundance! Then, you will need to explain how it takes time, sunlight, and water for the pet to grow hair.

With fast growing grass seed, proper watering, and a proper amount of sunlight, your children should be able to see the grass begin to poke up from the soil. In about two weeks, the pet may have hair that is long enough to cut and style!

This will be really exciting for your children. Along with the excitement about growth of the grass, your children will gain an appreciation for nature and other things that grow.

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