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Great Ruby Engagement Rings

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When men plan to propose to women, many of them think of choosing to buy diamonds. They often think that it is all that a woman wants to have. But what they do not know is that some women prefer to receive a different kind of gem. Though some women would still love to accept diamonds that are already common gems, still, many women want to be unique and different from others, wanting to receive a ring having a different kind of gem.

As they say, diamonds are girls’ best friend. I would love diamonds, personally, but this does not happen all the time. I admit that diamonds are really attractive but there are times that I would like to have other gems so I can be different from the other girls. When it comes to engagement rings, diamonds have been a common thing. I have thought of ruby engagement rings, especially those that are heart in shape. Why? Because ruby is red in color and heart is a symbol of love. It would be a perfect engagement ring, right? Right now, I still do not know who will be the person to give me that ring. But just in case I meet him already, I would tell him the kind of engagement ring I want. It is not bad to tell your partner what you like. I know he will understand.

Girls, I want you to know that we should not stick with the traditional engagement ring. I know all of us want to be unique and different from others since we have different likes and dislikes. We should consider our own preferences in choosing things. And also, we must be honest to our partners regarding this matter. Believe me they will surely understand. It is better that being disappointed by receiving what you dislike. And if your partner knows you well, I know he will know what you like.

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