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Grasping the Federal Pell Grant Requirements

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The Pell Grant is money that is given away every year by the federal government. It is awarded to the students that apply for it based on the students’ personal financial need. This money will never have to be paid back throughout the duration of their education, or afterwords, and many students depend on it to pay for their tuition each school year. There are certain Pell Grant eligibility requirements that you must posses to be awarded this money.

1. The student must be a citizen of the United States. This money is given out by the federal student financial aid program, and you must be a citizen to apply for it. Documentation will need to be provided at the time the application is filed.

2. Enrollment status must be full time. The student must be enrolling for the upcoming semester as a full time student, which means that they must be taking at least 12 full credit hours. Part time students are not eligible to qualify for the Pell Grant.

3. There must be a financial need. The students annual income, plus the income of his or her parents if they are still considered a dependent, must not exceed a certain amount. The Pell Grant goes to those students who have the highest financial need first.

4. The student financial aid application must be filled out. In order to be eligible for the Pell Grant you must fill out the financial aid application with all of the requested information. After you have completed your application, you will here back within 2-4 weeks with your results.

5. There may not be any disciplinary problems on record with the student. This means at the school at wish they would like to enroll, transfer from, or within the government there must not be any type of disciplinary problems.

Once someone has obtained the Pell Grant, they will need to get satisfactory grades, and maintain full time enrollment to continue to receive it. The Pell Grant is free money for anyone who qualifies, so it is important for students to fill out the application and try to get it.

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