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Getting Rid of Panic Attacks

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Getting rid of panic attacks is something that a person who suffers from an anxiety disorder might wnat to know. the attacks come on suddenly and without warning. They may or may not have a valid cause. Even when they have a valid cause, the sufferer may have a heightened sense of danger for the actual problem. Of course, this is very easy to say if you have never been through one of these attacks on your own. Many people wind up on the hospital because they believe something else is going to happen to them.

It is not easy to stop panic attacks. A person may need to do a number of things to get control back. The situations a person who experiences panic attacks are in are very real to them. A person who lives or works with the people who suffer from these attacks knows that it is a good idea to give the person space. He may not know what to do about them.

The key to stopping panic attacks is to help p the person manic his anxiety. These attacks are often set off by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Psychiatrists have known that antidepressants help people with anxiety disorders for some time, but they are not sure why this occurs.

The key, however, is not medication. Stopping the attacks has always been getting the person not to place himself in situations that are likely to trigger that attack. Exposure therapy, while great for phobias, does not work well for many anxiety disorders. The first step is to get the patient to control how he or she feels first. Then he can slowly increase his activities. Suffering from panic attacks is terrifying and it can control your life, but with the right therapy a person can take control back.

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