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Getting Fit with an Inversion Table

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When you think of workout equipment you often imagine things like dumbbells, exercise bikes and other forms of machinery commonly seen in gyms. However, another type of machine exists which can work wonders for back pain, but is hardly ever seen. Known as the inversion table, this device attempt to relieve pressure in the back and neck, thereby reducing or eliminating pain.

During daily activity, gravity tries to compress the vertebra in our back. Tense muscles and pinched nerves can result, causing pain which reduces out quality of life. Gravity can also serve to make our skin droop and sag. However, if your body is positioned upside down, the effects of gravity are reversed. Many people who have utilized the inversion table as part of their daily routine have experienced excellent life-changing results.

If being upside down does not sound appealing to you, never fear. Inversion tables are designed to make the experience as pleasing as possible. The first step in using the device is to strap yourself in at the legs. Special pads ratchet down around the ankles. This is exactly how the Ironman inversion table works.

The next step is to lie back against the table and use the side grips to rotate yourself. It does not take a whole lot of effort to spin yourself around into the vertical position. New users are encouraged to take it slow, only going at a gentle incline at first. As your body adapts, you can go fully vertical. People who are at risk for stokes should not attempt to use an inversion table.

Being upside down can make some people feint as the blood and oxygen rushes to the head. As a precaution, inversion table users should always have someone nearby to keep an eye on them. Sessions on these tables can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes.

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