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Garden Decoration: Choosing the Right Plants

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It is important for you to take care of your garden decoration, and choosing the right plants will take some planning. For example vines, whether you choose the traditional grape vine or the Russian vine, make the best climbers to scramble up the posts of a pergola if it borders a sitting out area. Clematis tends to be rather delicate for the job, and roses, which are often traditionally grown this way, can be tiresome in a confined space, as their thorns catch on clothing and scratch. If you want to have a rose, choose a thorn free variety or put it against a black wall.

Bear in mind if you are planting climbers that lanterns, if you use them, will tend to burn their foliage. If you are planning a barbecue, even a free standing one, keep the site free from permanent plants; instead use tub grown specimens that can be moved away from any flames.

Hanging baskets look delightful dangling from the cross pieces of a pergola and are particularly useful during the time when young climbers are growing. If you use them in this way you will need to stock them with trailing plants, since they will be seen mainly from underneath, something to keep in mind.

If planting around the bases of poles is a problem, it is possible to grow climbers in containers set above, on the joints of the cross pieces, and let them trial down. But such containers must be properly secured: plastic cones can be fixed with nuts, bolts and washers, and wooden ones can be screwed into place. Remember too, that you can fix plotted plants in holders on the posts, where they will grow happily. This is an attractive way to use the brief flowering annual climber morning glory, with its scarlet or purple booms. Place a garden mirror strategically to get a nice reflection of your favorite plants. It will also double the size of your garden if positioned in the right places.

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