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Furniture Variations

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Wooden rocking chairs are as old as the USA, while the L shaped desk is a new invention designed to help with the typewriter.  Early typewriters required significant physical force to push down on the keys and get them to move, and the desks they were set up on had to be strong enough to withstand a constant beating.  The other problem with early typewriters was that they were a new, mechanical object that was rather frightening to people who didn’t know what it did, so early desks also often had ways to hide the typewriter when it wasn’t being used so it wouldn’t frighten away customers.

The rocking chair was first invented in North America.  Legends say that Benjamin Franklin invented it, but there is no proof of that.  The most likely reason for that legend is the fact that Thomas Jefferson did actually invent the swivel chair, and then the names and chair types got scrambled when people told other people about it.  There are many different variations of rocking chair, from the standard shaped-chair-on-rockers, to chairs that have full ‘egg’ shapes to serve as both rocker and arm rest.  There are even fold up rocking chairs that were made to be carried around and unfolded when in use.

The L style desk has had its share of interesting shifts as well.  There are many different types of l shaped desks, with variations on what they look like and what they are made of.  An offspring of the l  desk is the u-shaped desk, that has two offshoots instead of one, with the chair in the middle, to give space for someone to sit. Desks are usually made of metal or fiberboard, and sometimes are made of actual wood.  Fully wood desks of these types are usually pretty expensive, mostly because it takes a lot of wood to make them.

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