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Frameless Shower Doors Add Luxury to any Bathroom

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Thinking of updating your bathroom? Frameless shower doors can make any bathroom look like you have just walked in to a spa. Who does not want to feel like they are at a spa? Many upscale hotels have also incorporated frameless shower doors into their bathroom decor. The look is very aesthetically pleasing. It can make the room look larger and much more expensive. The thick seamless glass can also show off tile work inside the shower. It is even a project that you can install yourself in about a weekend. The showers are made water tight with the help of silicone and are exceptionally easy to clean compared to the shower doors that are on a frame. There are also less components that can malfuntion or that may become worn and need replacement. A frameless shower door is definitely necessary in any bathroom remodel.

If your bathroom is on the smaller side or if you are looking for a more modern feel, maybe you should consider a corner shower. These showers can be installed with minimal space in a small room or can be made larger to accentuate a full size master bath. They come in several shapes including the standard square or rectangular style to the more unique quadrant shower tray that has two long sides flush against the wall, two small side panels, and one long front panel. They can be installed with or without a tub base. A current popular choice with many homeowners is a large sunken or garden tub along with a smaller modern corner shower unit. This way there is still ample wall area left for larger items such as the cabinet, linen closet, stool or a double vanity counter.

Updating and modernizing your bathroom can be as simple as upgrading from a worn shower curtain to a seamless shower door or adding a corner shower in a smaller space.

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