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Foot Reflexology for Weight Loss

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Health spas are not just about hot tubs or steam rooms anymore. Spas are a whole set of oriental healing services. One of these is foot reflexology that is gaining popularity in the modern western world. Foot reflexology is the science of massaging focal points on the foot to stimulate nerve endings that leads to different organs of the body.

The roots of reflexology come from Egypt, China and Japan more than 2000 years BC. This medical technique is used to impact both physical and psychological ills. A lot of benefits can be derived from reflexology. This is of course not researched in modern diet like the mayo clinic diet.

Reflexology gives instant relaxation to the patient. The mode of administering foot reflexology needs the patient either sitting down in a comfortable chair or lying down on the bed. This position immediately calms the patient. Compared to sitting on a dental chair with all kinds of tools and contraption for the patient to see, the reflexology room is a better place to be in.

With the patient in a relaxed state, pain reduction can be administered by foot massages. The idea that administration of medicinal massage is on the foot area eases psychological worries. People by nature are more protective of their upper torso and sexual organs.

Foot reflexology is known to act on at least 78 health concerns. This is possible because foot massage stimulates blood flow. Post-operative recovery benefits from reflexology because of this ability to circulate fluids in the body again. Operations in the body give tissue wounds where blood can coagulate. If blood flow can be helped to begin again, then these areas will have fresh oxygen and the body can recover speedily. Overweight people have areas in the body where blood can’t flow as normal anymore due to thickening of the fat tissues. With reflexology, these tissues are stimulated to move again.

Reflexology also helps alleviate depression and anxiety. People who are into weight loss programs are always anxious. Sometimes too anxious that bathroom scales becomes their life. This anxiety leads to stress and will just stimulate into craving more and eating more which is bad for weight loss seekers.

Foot reflexology may hurt for the first sessions. This is expected especially if the patient has a lot of ills. One would experience that massaging some points will cause no pain while other points will give the patient excruciating pain. If the pressure point gives pain it means that the organs related to that nerve ending has a problem. But by regular massaging of the foot, one would know that there is healing because for the next sessions, the pain would not be so strong until there will be sessions that will be observed when pressing the same point would not feel pain at all anymore.

No wonder having a pedicure gets a bit stress off. If women weight watchers enjoy this bit of lady ritual then maybe it’s best to go for foot reflexology. The only inconvenience one gets from this procedure is having to feel oil in the feet. The massage use oil as lubricant between the hands of the reflexologist and the foot. Different oils can be used but the masseuse will the oil that works. Some oils can come with scent and maximize aromatherapy with reflexology.

At the expertise of the reflexologist, weight loss can be hastened. The pressure points must lead to stimulating glands that decrease cravings and stimulate metabolism.

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