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Finding the Best Golf Courses in Your Area

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Golf is one of history’s greatest sports, even if it is mired in a difficult history. But, no matter how much entertainment technology improves or how many different types of new sports pop up, young people around the nation, as well as old, continue to grab their clubs and head out to the course. Even in the smallest of cities, there are quality golf courses in spades, and nowhere where there is running water is there a place that lacks a decent nine-hole course, or so it seems. However, just because there are lots of golf courses doesn’t mean that all of them will be good, and that is why you may have to do a little bit of searching to find the best courses in your area. This article will help you to find the best golf courses in Farmington, NM, or your hometown.

What to Look For

The age old question–what to look for in a golf course? Well, typically, the first sign of trouble is if the grass on the green is not, well, green. In places like Utah or Nevada, where even the best golf courses cannot escape the perpetual drought, there are certain things you simply have to accept, but everywhere else there is simply no excuse for a poorly treated green. Think about it, where do most golfers lose the most strokes? Once your swing is relatively smooth, most people can get on in regulation, or one stroke after regulation, meaning it all comes down to putting. And even an expert putter won’t want to deal with a sickly green, so neither should you! Secondly, there is the question of greens fees. Many states have pretty decent golf courses owned by the state–either commissioned by them or bought after a private enterprise founded it–as it is a good way to recoup the costs of land by making lots of money off of it. A greens fee at a public course will be drastically less than at a private course, especially those private courses that moonlight as faux-country clubs. Having a state-run golf course is an extremely practical solution for golfers who don’t have enough money, or too much honor, to join a country club, but still wish to play regularly.

Getting Passes

There are all sorts of passes and discounts and coupons available for golfing, and unless you want to shell out around $100,000 for a lifetime membership at a country club, then you probably will want to find some good discounts for consistent, weekly play. The PGA has a golf pass they make for each region, offering buy 1 get 1 free on greens fees and complimentary greens fees for select courses. They run for $50-70, depending on where you purchase them, and are a great way to save money while still being able to get out as frequently as you like. When you are looking for golf courses in Farmington, NM, or your hometown, you should try to find deals whenever possible. Remember: there is no shame in a discount when it comes to golf!

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