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Finding A Reputable Doberman Dog Breeder

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Finding Your New Puppy

If your looking to find doberman puppies for sale make sure before you make that purchase you are buying from a reputable doberman dog breeder. The reason for this is because you want to make sure you are buying a happy healthy puppy that has been bread by a breeder who truly takes the appropriate steps in not only breeding but caring for them correctly and lovingly. Here are a few pointers to aid you in finding a reputable dog breeder.

Here Are Some Pointers

Watch out for puppy mills and stay away from pet stores. You are less likely to get a puppy with potential future genetic issues or one who has been exposed to diseases by staying away from these types of establishments.
To be sure that they are reputable you will want call the AKC phone number and check through them that they do indeed have the person’s name in their computer system.
Also you will want to ask  for references and be sure you follow through on checking each reference out.
Ask to see the parents and make sure the parents are at the same site that you are purchasing from.  People who have the parents out in the open rather than hidden away are less likely to be running a dog mill.
Make sure that the puppies and the parents are free from fleas and ticks and ask what kind of dog flea treatment is being used on the dogs. Breeders who use flea treatments such as front-line and advantage are more likely to be a better candidate of dog breeder than those using over the counter treatments.
Be sure that it has been given wormer medication and is up to date on all it’s vaccinations.
Also be sure it comes with a clean bill of health from a qualified veterinarian and has been given a health certificate.

Minimizing the Risk

Just by using these pointers as a guide line in your quest to purchase your new puppy you can minimize the risk of any potential problems and have confidence that your new addition to the family is a happy healthy one.

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